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Our Work

Hardes Fencing Ltd. is dedicated to providing top quality fencing solutions, professionally designed and installed, on time and on budget. This page highlights our capabilities to provide the best fencing solutions to satisfy your specific requirements.

We are involved in the Oil and Gas industry so we assure that all of our staff is properly trained, insured and supervised.

Our Work: List
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Crawler Tractors with post pounders that carry posts and can unroll three rolls of wire while pounding posts.
Skid Steer and Track Skid Steer units with the following attachments:
Post Hole Augers
Post Puller
Post Driver
Dirt Bucket
Snow Bucket
Pallet Forks
One man auger
Wire Roller to roll up old wire.

Employee Training

First Aid
SCOT (Safety Construction Orientation Training)
PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
TDG (Foremen)
Ground Disturbance (Foremen)


Certificate of Recognition in Safety Management (COR)
Trucks and trailers receive yearly Safety Inspections by SGI Vehicle Standards and Inspections
Positive Air Shut-off on diesel equipment
Back-up Alarms on all mobile equipment


Commercial General Liability - $ 5 Million
Commercial Auto Policy - $ 5 Million

WCB (Workers’ Compensation Board)



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